Does everything need to merge?


I am a huge social media fan, I use it, I read about it and I even wrote my dissertation on it. My question is, does every single platform have to merge and cross over each other?

Most TV programmes on at the moment use less noticeable attempts at using social media to spark up an online conversation, mainly on Twitter, using hash tags such as #TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) and #MIC (Made In Chelsea) in the hope that the viewers will tweet along with the programme and express their views.

I came across a programme aired on ITV2 not so long ago called ‘Crazy Beaches’, after some research I came across the press centre for ITV and they released some information regarding the 1st episode of the programme and what was involved for viewers.

Viewers are told to get only and get ready to play along. The show boasts that viewers get to predict what happens next as they follow holiday-makers and locals alike as they cause mayhem in Malia. The show is much like those of ‘Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents’ and ‘Magaluf Weekender’ but with a twist. Each week viewers saw young Brits carry out their holiday antics and have the ‘joys’ of guessing what they get up to by choosing from three possible outcomes and using the hash tag #CrazyBeaches, if you pick the right answer, you then have to retweet it and at the end of each part the results will be delivered live and ITV will read out some of the funniest comments.
Now to me, that is an extremely long winded approach to a programme, I know I would have been put off watching the programme if I had to work so hard to watch it! I think ITV have been adventurous with their approach to merging platforms but I fear that they have overstepped the entertainment mark with this one.
I watched a bit of the first episode but it failed to impress me I’m afraid! There was too much to do and if you missed a bit of the show to make a cup of tea or go to the toilet you lost track pretty easily!
All in all I think the overall idea was good but the execution failed to achieve a seamless TV programme for me!
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4 thoughts on “Does everything need to merge?

  1. I think I would have a problem too if the interest wasn’t there. their marketing is great, but the TV show is like a reality show, but is in the B category for viewers. I can only imagine what they spent to get people to watch. It actually takes a lot of time to understand something if your interest isn’t into it after seeing it for a few minutes anyway.

  2. akavanagh says:

    I agree Rodney, the principle for the programme is good but I think they executed it all wrong. I just think that it was social media overkill and ITV tried to take something so relevant and make it a new, fresh idea. I’m sure lots of people liked it, sadly not for me!

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