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The low down on vloggers


As I like to keep up to date with all social media platforms, one that seems to shy away from ‘mainstream’ popularity seems to be YouTube. As the majority of people know that YouTube is a video sharing website with varying content, I don’t need to go in to too much detail of the basics of the website. What I will go in to though, is the rising fame ‘vloggers’ are finding for themselves. Vloggers are people that video blog, or ‘vlog’, their lives and upload the videos to their subscribers. The top vloggers I have noticed, who have a huge following of subscribers are:

  • Zoella (Zoe Sugg) – 2,611,816 subscribers
  • PointlessBlog (Alfie Deyes) – 1,430,821 subscribers
  • Marcus Butler – 1,631,663 subscribers
  • Jacks Gap (Jack & Finn Harries) – 2,951,126 subscribers
  • DailyGrace (Grace Helbig) – 2,230,481 subscribers

Each vlogger creates great content for their subscribers and have really found a natural approach to the way in which they create content. Now what I have an issue with, is when it comes to rating the most popular YouTube uploader’s as it seems to be channels like One Direction and mega celebrities like them. The 5 channels I have mentioned have chosen to make YouTube their career for the time being and are doing a very good job of it, so it must be frustrating to see One Direction’s channel attracting nearly 10,000,000 subscribers when all they upload are music videos and short videos advertising the longer ones!

YouTube is a huge business to be part of, there is a lot of money to be made! In order to earn good money from YouTube you have to create original content and you have to create it regularly and have your content viewed by thousands of YouTube users. A lot of users try and fail to attain the success of the aforementioned vloggers, but much like celebrities, vloggers have dedicated fans that watch every single video they upload and share the content on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

I think YouTube used in this sense is great to see, many people just use it to listen to the latest music for free, or watch funny clips and pranks, but there is a huge world of vloggers who create brilliant content for a huge variety of people with different interests!

I think from a public relations point of view, YouTube is a fantastic platform for business to reach a huge amount of people in original and creative ways. Just like Twitter and Facebook, if you get it right, the world is your oyster!

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