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What does Anchorman and Ben & Jerry’s have in common?


Ben & Jerry’s have just released a new flavour of ice cream as a limited batch which is currently available in America. It’s called ‘Scotchy Scotch Scotch’ – for those Anchorman lovers (that includes me) will be aware that this is also one of the famous phrases from the brilliant Will Ferrell film! As reported on The Mirror¬†this afternoon, Ben & Jerry’s unveiled the new flavour at New York City’s Pier 36 which featured a performance¬†from Anchor Man’s Nutty The Waterskiing Squirrel and a host of Ron Burgundy lookalikes.

This is a clear example of a PR triumph, and I think it is a great opportunity for Ben & Jerry’s who shouldn’t really have benefited from the release of the new Anchorman 2 movie that is being released in December!

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