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Beating the bullies


Over the past month or so, I have been watching a very unnerving story unfold over in America. Shea Shawhan an 18 years old girl from Plano in Texas has been subject to horrendous bullying by some extremely nasty people at her school.

Shea has a frontal lobe brain injury. Her frontal lobes were damaged during birth from seconds of not having oxygen, which in turn caused severe swelling and overstimulated her brain. Due to this she endured multiple seizures for the first 14 days of her life and has suffered these seizures ever since. This is not epilepsy, like some people may assume, but a life threatening malfunction of the brain. Shea looks like any other 18 year old girl, but has an IQ under 70 and zero reasoning skills. It could happen to any one of us, if you were in a car crash and damaged your frontal lobes, you would still look like you, but would have what Shea has.

Keri Shawhan, Shea’s mum, set up a Facebook page┬áto raise awareness of the situation, in the hope things would change. Shea was receiving awful text messages and it obviously needed to end. This brilliant example of how social media can be used to help a situation such as this, normally all you hear about on the news is about another case of cyber bullying!

This story went global and a huge amount of people around the world got behind Shea and helped her and her true friends succeed in finding out who was behind the horrible act and see something serious happen. It was a pleasure to read in the news the other day that somebody had been arrested in connection with the harassment of Shea, what a great result!

Head over to the Facebook page to read up on the progression of the campaign to stop bullying like this case, and buy a T-Shirt to raise money for some great causes!

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